A Message for the Friends and Church Family

March 19, 2020 | from M. S. 2 Comments

As a Church, we desire to protect our loved ones and honor our commitment as citizens of this great country by respecting the guidelines set forth by the State and Federal authorities concerning large gatherings during the nation’s response to Covid19.

In lieu of our normal meetings, our morning services will be live-streamed on the churches Facebook site and will also be available here on the church website at any time for you to access them. I will also be doing a daily devotional series for the duration of the crisis that you can access at either site.

While we will not be gathering for our regular service schedule I am available for prayer and counseling anytime. The doors of the church are open if you want to stop by and visit. Please let me know if you have a need that the church can meet, we are all in this together!

In Christ’s Love, Pastor Swenson

Comments (2)

  • Hello , my name is Brandon. I do pray that the whole world can get there health back.. I have been weighed down by finacial credit card debt. it all started when i was laid off from my good paying job about 5 mo. ago. I am currently using my c.d.l. to make 200 a work day. bit I can’t catch up on over 25000 of debt. I wanna try and succeed at this. but the numbers dont add up.. I am looking for favor. and to get more involved with the Lord. I have been praying every day…I hope you can give me a little favor. or encouragement. thank you Brandon J 208-569-7617 God bless all..

    • M. S. says:

      Praying for you Brandon. Hang in there, $25,000 seems like a lot but God is able if you are wiling to stay faithful. Would love to meet you sometime and encourage you in the Lord. Maybe when this thing is over you can catch one of our services in person,. Until then we will be on facebook. You can always reach me at pastor@gbcidaho.org